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Pushing the boundaries at the frontier of digital transformation.

Converge Solutions is a single point of contact and accountability for organisations that are embarking on a journey of transformation, growth or a re-imagined tomorrow. To offer clients access to all the specialised services required, Converge Solutions complements our own offerings with that of a select number of strategic partners that have credible track records in their specialised domains.

We offer clients a seamless, singular experience across the domains listed below.

The products and services listed below, reflect the total portfolio of the Converge Group of Companies.



We offer an end-to-end fully integrated healthcare management system that covers all your enterprise, employee and patient needs. Deployed across more than 70% of South African private hospitals, the SAP Healthcare solution continues to simplify the lives of caregivers and drive better patient and operational outcomes. In conjunction with Cerner, we deliver a solution that digitalises the healthcare enterprise with a higher level of automation and sophistication that improves quality, profitability and predictability. We focus on business and healthcare outcomes and a strong ROI, based on historic evidence. Our offering brings the value of best practice business processes and procedures to hospitals, delivering the expected results effectively and efficiently with full financial and clinical governance.

The benefit?

The modern healthcare organisation has no option but to put technology at the centre of its operations. Pressure to perform under challenging conditions continue to rise. The answer is not more staff or more controls or more paperwork, but higher levels of  digitalisation, automation and simplification that allow you to achieve more, with less. Our offering is backed up by a strong financial business case proving that our SAP/Cerner healthcare solution is a  investment with measurable outcomes that support your business transformation objectives.

We break down the silos within an enterprise and help you run a business process seamlessly across all hospital domains, with clear segregation of duties, a complete audit trail and adopted best practice processes to predictable and repeatable outcomes every time.



PatientMyth, our response web-based survey platform can be deployed independently, or as an integrated extension to your own systems. PatientMyth offers clients an integrated survey and intervention platform that records patient feedback and allows immediate intervention if negative feedback is received, based on predefined rules. How does it work? Every patient event triggers an event-specific survey that gives you the ability to measure the relevant service. Once submitted, the respective domain owners of the survey are prompted for intervention, if required.

The most recent version of PatientMyth is now extended beyond just patient surveys and allows our clients to use the same survey and intervention platform for internal (such as HR) and other non-patient surveys.

The benefit?

Now you can know and track your the experience of your staff, patients and partners, not just generically, but specific to an event or service. Our extensible reporting engine allows you to compare current to historic assessments and put improvement programs in place. Assigned staff are able to intervene at the moment of truth, to ensure any negative experience is managed effectively. All of this, without delay and without excessive monthly fees for an outsourced service. Quality is critical to your enterprise, and the management of quality should be internal, with the tools and insight to make it easier and effective.



Staff, along with facility costs and medication, is often quoted as being among the top three expenses of a hospital. Staff planning in most facilities, relies on the experience of individuals and often lacks the appropriate detail and auditability, to ensure ongoing optimisation. Triton supports key decision makers by using an artificial intelligence engine to propose the best possible staff complement and mix. Our multi-dimensional analysis model, ensures optimised staff levels to achieve financial and quality goals within the different disciplines of the hospital.

The benefit?

Triton offers clients a simple to use, intelligent staff planning solution that takes financial, patient and staff dimensions into account, to help optimise variable costs. We remove any guesswork from the process and enable disciplined, methodical and factual planning that can save your hospital as much as 35% of your nursing staff costs.



Things don’t always go according to plan and when they don’t, a detailed resolution plan and complete audit trail of intervention is required. Patients, employees and visitors suffer incidents that need to be managed effectively, efficiently, and with a detailed trail of causes, consequences and events. IMPI offers clients complete control over clinical incidents, ensuring that the appropriate attention is given to safety and quality within the hospital.

The benefit?

By using IMPI, healthcare organisations are able to create, manage and monitor all clinical incidents throughout the facility. Our highly configurable platform ensures the appropriate level of focus on incidents and problems, so that quality and safety can be better managed and reported to all stakeholders.



Frustrated at the slow turnaround time to get in front of the right people? In health, this often means working through nursing agencies or having to call one known nurse at a time to determine availability. In other industries, similar engagements are done through preferred service providers. Across the board, it means providing a demand statement to an entity and waiting for them to action the demand, without clear visibility in activities. We simplify this engagement. The intermediaries continue to exist and continue to deliver a service, only now, you have direct and immediate access to credible and available staff on their books. Need a nurse now? We can do that. Simply, effectively and with unmatched turnaround time.

The benefit?

Our platform puts you in direct communication with qualifying staff (or potential staff). This gives you faster turnaround times, lower charges, complete transparency,  pervasive access and automatic shift calculation. With Find-a-skill, we bring demand and supply in direct contact with each other, removing the complexity of a superfluous supply chain.


Internet of Things


We live in a connected world and to ignore where technology is taking us through the adoption of IoT, is done at the peril of future relevance. We have a wide range of IoT offerings across all industries. The realm of IoT is relevant to everyone from small business owners to large multinationals. The business process augmentation that becomes possible, is able to deliver new levels of efficiency and automation across the entire value chain.

The benefit?

Business and consumers alike, continue to experience increased pressure in the cost of operations and cost of living. From a business perspective, volatile variable costs, high operating expenses, and complex supply chains –  all of these domains can benefit from the automated collection, accumulation and visualisation of actionable insight. Studies continue to show that early adopters of IoT are showing higher margins, reduced inefficiencies and feel more comfortable about their future relevance compared to companies who are lagging in the adoption of these and other technology trends.

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Banking, Financial Insurance & Medical Insurance


It is reported that as much as 32% of all claims submitted in any year is fraudulent and that fraud is costing South Africa (and other countries) billions of Rands. The global value of annual fraud is estimated at roughly USD 4 trilion.

Themis offers a data driven approach to detecting and managing fraud across your entire value chain. It is the only solution today, that incorporates more than 500 typologies out-of-the box – being the packaged Intellectual Property of two decades of Fraud Management experience.

Our solution offers clients:

  • Fraud Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Full management dashboards and reporting
  • Customer due diligence
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Anti terrorism funding


Themis is compliant with:

  • BASEL 239
  • King
  • POPI
  • GDPR


The benefit?

Imagine a world without reputational and financial risk associated with fraud.

Imagine a world where fraud combating solutions are so sophisticated, that committing fraud is simply not appealing to criminals anymore.

Imagine a world where the entire fraud management value chain for banking, financial and medical insurance companies are covered in one, AI and Machine Learning solution.

We did…and then we built it.

We call it Themis.

Cross industry offerings and services


Spotics is a minimalistic, intuitive, cloud-based solution that guides both business and technology owners to have clear visibility into the health of Information Technology as defined by King IV.

The system provides an integrated platform for analysing operational and project data to guide board members, executives and managers in fulfilling their respective duties towards creating business value.

In simple terms, Spotics enables three critical outcomes:

  • We expose the actions required to become cyber secure at a fundamental level.
  • We help you achieve ISO:27001 compliance
  • We eliminate inefficient and wasteful reporting by producing King IV reporting with a single click

The benefit?

IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance has become a complex, tick-box exercise with a high administrative burden not delivering on identifying and managing the core value-add, operational activities.

The Spotics platform has been designed and built from the ground up, combining multiple industry standards such as King IV and ISO/IEC 27001 combined with years of experience from our panel of industry leaders to ensure comprehensive and easy to navigate, specialized knowledge at your fingertips.

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Gone are the days of having to complete a form. Our cross-industry platform allows citizens to complete a form automatically, with information used before, either for a personal or professional profile maintained on the platform. Quality and integrity of input is improved, time to complete becomes seconds, and information is made available to service providers in near real-time and in any format. Across many businesses today, there are still a wide range of forms that clients are expected to complete. We are changing this. Consider it done, effectively and in moments.

The benefit?

No arduous form completion times. Improved quality. Improved digitalisation. Can be directly integrated with the target system, eliminating manual data capture completely. Ability to maintain multiple profiles as a user (private and workplace), simplifies form completion even more.



There are many queue management platforms, most of which focus on the part of the citizen in the queue, and then in a simple, linear process. This hardly meets the demand of the modern business. Processes are seldom linear only, and while managing a queue of people, why not simultaneously monitor and manage internal service delivery and performance? Our queue management platform is free of historic legacy, designed for the modern enterprise and delivers analytics and insight that is unparalleled in the queue management domain.

The benefit?

Reduce waiting times. Offer clients insight into expectations. Manage internal performance. Redefine internal processes if inefficiencies are found. Deploy a system that manages your process, without having to reduce your flow to a linear process due to system capability. Move people from one queue to another seamlessly and simply.



It is said that “If you’re not changing, you’re dying”. Nowhere is this truer than in complex modern businesses. New digital competitors have no legacy to worry about, being able to deliver products and services at a significantly lower cost than organisations who have stood the test of time.  The adoption of new technology, new business models, new cultures and new methodologies, are required in order to ensure future relevance. Agile approaches and methods are widely recognized as one such mechanism, believed to enable the delivery of outputs much faster, but with respect to the operational reality, quality, culture and capability.

The benefit?

The Converge Solutions Agile development team represents deep knowledge complemented by practical experience and learnings. The theory without the hands-on experience, as many organisations have realised, can for all the right intentions, lead to very undesirable results.

Agile should in truth, simplify software delivery, as it becomes more than a mere methodology; it becomes a philosophy, a way of thinking and behaving that merges into the daily operations, and becomes part of the organisational culture. Our applied thought leadership in this domain, helps organisation improve delivery, quality and increased velocity.

Our service and offering portfolio focus is directed towards addressing the following business imperatives:

We embrace several technology platforms, believing that pre-determined solutions often limit thinking and possibilities. Instead, we prefer to start with the vision that is to be executed or the problem that needs solving, and work our way back to what the best solution and approach will be. That being said, we firmly support the adoption of best practices in various domains, around which we innovate and diversify in order to differentiate you and enable those unique attributes that accentuate your vision.