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Converge Solutions is a single point of contact and accountability for organisations that are embarking on a journey of transformation, growth or a re-imagined tomorrow. To offer clients access to all the specialised services required, Converge Solutions complements our own offerings with that of a select number of strategic partners that have credible track records in their specialised domains.

We offer clients a seamless, singular experience across the domains listed below.

The products and services listed below, reflect the total portfolio of the Converge Group of Companies.



We offer an end-to-end fully integrated healthcare management system that covers all your enterprise, employee and patient needs. Deployed across more than 70% of South African private hospitals, the SAP Healthcare solution continues to simplify the lives of caregivers and drive better patient and operational outcomes. In conjunction with Cerner, we deliver a solution that digitalises the healthcare enterprise with a higher level of automation and sophistication that improves quality, profitability and predictability. We focus on business and healthcare outcomes and a strong ROI, based on historic evidence. Our offering brings the value of best practice business processes and procedures to hospitals, delivering the expected results effectively and efficiently with full financial and clinical governance.

The benefit?

The modern healthcare organisation has no option but to put technology at the centre of its operations. Pressure to perform under challenging conditions continue to rise. The answer is not more staff or more controls or more paperwork, but higher levels of  digitalisation, automation and simplification that allow you to achieve more, with less. Our offering is backed up by a strong financial business case proving that our SAP/Cerner healthcare solution is a  investment with measurable outcomes that support your business transformation objectives.

We break down the silos within an enterprise and help you run a business process seamlessly across all hospital domains, with clear segregation of duties, a complete audit trail and adopted best practice processes to predictable and repeatable outcomes every time.

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Patientmyth (also known as CX Insights) is a digital survey and intervention platform that measures client feedback and delivers immediate intervention capability through advanced notification capability. A single platform, able to perform automatic event-driven surveys (embedded in your operational process) to elective surveys such as employee or vendor assessment. Tailored to meet the needs of the services industry, the rich analytical layer provides deep insights into the views of your stakeholders with the ability to take corrective action when predetermined feedback is provided. Patientmyth is used in a myriad of ways and across various industries. Some of our clients use the platform to assess the health posture of their employees on a regular basis, others use it as an integrated intervention platform for client / patient engagements, while others use it as part of a quality assessment process.

The benefit?

Now you can know and track the experience of your staff, patients, clients and/or partners, not just generically, but specific to an event or service. Our extensible reporting engine allows you to compare current to historic assessments and put improvement programs in place. Assigned staff are able to intervene at the moment of truth, to ensure any negative experience is managed effectively. All of this, without delay and without excessive monthly fees for an outsourced service. Quality is critical to your enterprise, and the management of quality should be internal, with the tools and insight to make it easier and effective.

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It is widely agreed that patient acuity should be a key driver when planning and scheduling nursing staff. Your patient volumes and level of care are different from one day to another, and therefore, your staff composition to address the patient needs, should match. The safety of your staff and patients, depends on the correct assignment of staff. Triton helps you achieve optimal staff levels, by starting with the level of care required by every patient, in every ward. It also alleviates the financial burden of inefficient staff utilisation, which creates unnecessary high costs. Planners and approvers, while planning, have immediate sight of the financial impact of their staff assignment, while able to make the best use of permanent staff across all departments, based on recommended staffing volumes and categories to deliver quality, safe and effective care, prior to sourcing temporary staff through agencies.

The benefit?

Triton offers clients a simple to use, intelligent staff planning solution that takes financial, patient and staff dimensions into account, to help optimise variable costs. We remove any guesswork from the process and enable disciplined, methodical and factual planning that can save your hospital as much as 35% of your nursing staff costs.

Follow this link for a quick overview of how Triton can help you.

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Things don’t always go according to plan and when they don’t, a detailed resolution plan and complete audit trail of intervention is required. Patients, employees and visitors suffer incidents that need to be managed effectively, efficiently, and with a detailed trail of causes, consequences and events. IMPI offers clients complete control over clinical incidents, ensuring that the appropriate attention is given to safety and quality within the hospital.

The benefit?

By using IMPI, healthcare organisations are able to create, manage and monitor all clinical incidents throughout the facility. Our highly configurable platform ensures the appropriate level of focus on incidents and problems, so that quality and safety can be better managed and reported to all stakeholders.

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Our Queue Management system is designed specifically to address the complexities of the healthcare organisation. Healthcare is not a simple, linear process. Imagine a patient arriving at casualty. Where the patient goes next in the process of care, depends on the assessment. This means going to one service point, or another, as opposed this one process then another predefined process.

The benefit?

Our solution can support your existing business processes, not force you into impractical, linear processes only to measure patient throughput, employee performance and process efficacy. We provide a multi-dimensional perspective on patient movements throughout your facility, highlighting areas that require improvement, employees that may require assistance during peak times and overall performance of your organisation in improving the patient experience.



Theatre planning, when done incorrectly, can cause theatre idle time, at huge expense (or loss of income) to your organisation. Clockworks provides the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication, allowing internal staff and external doctors, to have visibility of an optimised planning board. It also supports improved and more thorough information relating to the patient, the team, the procedures and any potential risks that should be known at the time of planning and of course, in theatre. Advanced reporting gives you complete insight into all dimensions of theatre utilisation.

The benefit?

Clockworks creates the perfect collaboration mechanism to improve your revenue, optimise theatre utilisation, simplify planning and attract doctors and patients to your facility.



An abbreviation for “Surgicom Insight”, SIGHT provides hospitals with an early-stage intervention capability to remedy any price file anomalies before the severe impact that price file deviations could have to your business. Anyone who relies on external data to drive their billing, fully understands the adverse consequences of anomalies, and how quickly the same, can result in severe financial losses. Given the vast data volumes, physically looking for anomalies is a near impossibility.

SIGHT automates this whole process, helping you identify a range of issues, so that they may be corrected prior to ingesting incorrect data into your hospital information system.

The benefit?

Higher data quality avoids financial losses due to data errors in pricing files. SIGHT performs a full 360 degree analysis on price files in mere seconds, giving all teams (finance, inventory and patient care) the peace of mind that services and service fees, are aligned.




Internet of Things


We live in a connected world and to ignore where technology is taking us through the adoption of IoT, is done at the peril of future relevance. We have a wide range of IoT offerings across all industries. The realm of IoT is relevant to everyone from small business owners to large multinationals. The business process augmentation that becomes possible, is able to deliver new levels of efficiency and automation across the entire value chain.

The benefit?

Business and consumers alike, continue to experience increased pressure in the cost of operations and cost of living. From a business perspective, volatile variable costs, high operating expenses, and complex supply chains –  all of these domains can benefit from the automated collection, accumulation and visualisation of actionable insight. Studies continue to show that early adopters of IoT are showing higher margins, reduced inefficiencies and feel more comfortable about their future relevance compared to companies who are lagging in the adoption of these and other technology trends.

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Banking, Financial Insurance & Medical Insurance


Themis combats Fraud across the Banking, Financial Insurance and Medical Insurance.

Themis is a solution in three parts:

The heart of Themis is an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Network, with more than 550 pre-created algorithms, that detect and combat illicit financial flow across the entire fraud value chain. We also augment the data within Themis through external golden data sources and/or bureaus; today, we ingest data from more than 7000 sources to give you a comprehensive, single view of a customer.

Our team of forensic experts, data scientists and actuaries, are constantly challenging the status quo, and introducing additional algorithms (typologies), methods and standards to make Themis a leader in every regard. Unlike aging and conventional tools, we dont rely on rules-based engines or perfect and complete datasets. Our unique approach, delivers exceptional cost to value, rapid results and continuously improving accuracy through the effective use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Themis is shipped with Maestro, an acclaimed Case Management solution that is seamlessly integrated, and that acts as a single point of engagement to case managers, allowing them to see not only information directly from Themis, but also supporting information (structured and unstructured) from bureaus and other golden data sources, all in one environment.

Part three is an extensive analytical platform that gives case managers comprehensive insights into their investigations and across all business use cases for which Themis is deployed.

Our solution offers clients:

– Fraud management

– Waste and Abuse management (Healthcare)

– Quality assurance

– Full management dashboards and reporting

– Customer due diligence

– Enhanced due diligence

– Anti money laundering

– Anti terrorism funding

– Syndication

– Ponzi Schemes

– Internal Collusion


Themis is compliant with:

– BASEL 239

– King




The problem.

It is reported that as much as 32% of all claims submitted in any year is fraudulent and that fraud is costing the global economy billions. The global value of annual fraud is estimated at roughly USD 4 trillion.

Companies don’t have a single view of their client, or of the companies with whom they trade, elevating their risk. Many organisations still assign people to tasks that can be performed through the effective use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, not only faster, but more accurate and more comprehensive. Themis doesnt replace people, but makes the more effective at delivering an unparalleled service.


The benefit?

Imagine a world without reputational and financial risk associated with fraud.

Imagine a world where fraud combating solutions are so sophisticated, that you are a step ahead, and not behind criminals, with clear sight of emerging trends.

Imagine a world where the entire fraud management value chain for banking, financial and medical insurance companies is covered in one, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution.

We did…and then we built it.

We call it Themis.

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What Themis is for FIAT Currencies, BRUTUS is for Crypto.

Contrary to popular belief, Crypto transactions can be traced, and illicit transactions (Money Laundering, Terrorism Funding, etc) through Crypto Currencies, can be identified and combatted.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods / Food & Beverage


LULA is an analytical platform that helps Consumer Goods / Food & Beverage companies achieve operational excellence, and formulate a data driven strategy.

LULA answers 5 questions that every FMCG customer should ask.

– How are we doing?

– What are the addressable issues at store level that are impacting us negatively?

– With limited time, what should we be doing to maximise our efficiency?

– How well are we covering our sales universes (where are we, should we or could we be selling)?

– Where should we be focusing our sales effort?

LULA Provides a comprehensive overview of Sales, Stock Inefficiencies and Numeric Distribution. Our proprietary Insights Arena helps you prioritise your time to achieve the maximum success against the most valuable of resources: time.

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Cyber Security and Governance.

Cyber Security is not a luxury, it is an imperative. in 2020, it was reported that roughly 6/10 companies was victim to some sort of ransomware, which saw an increase between 400% and 600% since the advent of Covid. Cyber threats impact all organisations and criminals follow various techniques to expose vulnerabilities.

Highlighted below, are some of the solutions we offer our clients, through strategic partnerships, to address cyber security.


– Pfortner’s SecuriChat is an omnichannel, instant messaging, voice communication and file sharing solution – a one-of-a-kind secure communications platform that allows you full system and data ownership with auditability of all system functions.


– Stop cyber-criminals from sending email using your domain and protect your customers, suppliers and staff from attacks. Sendmarc already secures more than 400 million emails a month. Avoid the financial and reputational risks through a simple, guided process of securing your domain through the effective utilisation of industry standards.


Knowing what’s going on across your network is essential, and even more so being able to manage this on-the-fly, in real time. Exinda is a leader in managing network performance by focusing on the user experience of key applications. Currently using Symantic / Blue Coat? Exinda offers an immediate, better alternative.


– Ntrust delivers cyber security assessments that allow organisations to assess, evaluate and enhance their overall security posture, in compliance with international standards and best practice.  Included is a wide range of vulnerability and penetration testing services to help you address vulnerabilities when it matters – before they are exploited.


– Compliance starts with an accurate and detailed asset inventory. It’s simple: you cannot protect what you cannot see. Armis eliminates the security blind spot across all your assets, giving you unified, agentless visibility of all your digital assets and the security posture of these devices, enabling immediate remedial action.


– StealthWAN protects your critical systems by making your network invisible.