Converge’s partnership with Cerner

Converge Solution is a proud partner to Cerner. One of only a handful of certified partners, it means that we can offer clients a service that also involves direct support from Cerner themselves.

This partnership, along with our PMC partnership with SAP ( and our partnership with Elsevier (, enables us to deliver an unparalleled solution to our clients, giving them the best of all worlds. SAP offers an unparalleled solution for running the enterprise effectively and efficiently. Cerner, offers clients a world-class clinical information system covering all elements of patient care, such as the medical record, interactions with out-patient / auxiliary departments, integration with other clinical systems such as LIMS, RIS and PACS, and also a comprehensive coverage of medication (substitutions, interactions, etc). Elsevier adds curated clinical content, enabling standardised levels of care, and guided quality through the incorporation of order sets and care plans.

Now, any hospital can operate at a global standard; delivering predictable, high quality outcomes, and assisting physicians and nurses in the process of care.