Why us?

Converge Solutions presents the balance between governance and agility, underpinned, always, by people with a passion for success. Below, are our key differentiators.

Our people

We partner with passionate Industry Experts and IT  professionals to deliver unparalleled service. Our employees are seen as beneficiaries, giving them a vested interest in every client’s delight.

End-to-end Capability

Converge Solutions believes that through our Focused Industry approach, we are able to maximise our real contribution to real people. Our commitment is based on an acute understanding of WHY we do it

Our Clients

We are driven by value and not desperation. We are as diligent in selecting our clients, as our clients are in selecting a partner that understand their real needs.

Our values

Ask any Converge Solutions client why they choose to work with us, and foremost will be our values. Our expertise and track record get us to the starting blocks. Our values shape a journey of mutual success.


Co-existence, co-innovation, co-opetition and co-operation towards real, sustainable value: this is the DNA of Converge Solutions.


It is a key imperative of Converge Solutions to focus on continuous innovation in and around our best practice solutions. To this end, we have a dedicated Innovation Hub.

Passion with a cause

Cancer, Thyroid and Antibiotics.

Converge Solutions is an avid supporter of the fight against Cancer, research towards Thyroid disorders and contributing towards the search for antibiotic alternatives. In support of these causes, Converge Solutions has established a beneficiary that receives 3% of Profits to further longevity and quality of life. In the words of Patch Adams, “You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome..”

Perhaps it is serendipitous that CTA is also the abbreviation of “Call to action”.


Together, let us be the enablers of an imagined tomorrow, through bold, passionate and deliberate convergence.

Johann Joubert, CEO, Converge Solutions