SAP for healthcare

The Converge Solutions healthcare team has more than 131 years of experience across 41 countries and have been involved in 129 projects, and counting. Our team members continue to act as thought leaders to clients across the globe, ranging from SAP ERP, to SAP IS-H to Cerner

We are also very proud of our integration team who has extensive experience in a range of middleware layers such as SAP Process Orchestration and Mirth Connect. The team has successfully implemented industry-standard integration to solutions such as Cerner CareAware, GE Centricity, Capsule, MediKredit, all major South African banks, Compharm Retail Pharmacy system, a range of Laboratories and Radiology platforms and more.


The SAP healthcare solution runs at 70% the top 20 hospitals in South Africa (source:

The Converge SAP Healthcare solution represents a fully integrated, end-to-end solution covering the enterprise, employee and patient journey.

What does this mean?

– Hospitals make use of Information Technology to drive down operational expenses

– Employees make use of technology to help them perform better

– Patients enjoy improved outcomes and more transparency