Triton to go live at prominent ZA hospital

We are excited about the go-live of Triton at a prominent 200 bed hospital. Early indications, following a pilot period, are exceeding client expectations.

Triton has simplified and sped up the shift planning process, and enabled improved collaboration between departments. Starting with the patient acuity / required level of care, Triton recommends a staff mix, being volume and designation, aimed at the care of the specific patients in the ward. This ensures the highest level of quality and safety of both the staff as well as the patients.

“The fact that we can seamlessly share un-utilised resources from one department to another department where more staff is required, reduces our dependency on agency staff and improves interdepartmental collaboration”, says the Chief Nursing Officer.

“For the first time, planners have real-time insight into the impact of their planning. They can see how they are performing compared to¬† the guidelines of the specific unit is, both from a people and a financial perspective.”

The management reporting offers a depth of insight that was simply not possible before. Operational overviews help improve the accuracy of long-term staff planning, while financial overviews, provide a detailed overview across the facility, of the use of staff and the impact on the actual versus the planned expenses.

We are excited about the future, as more hospitals embrace Triton as the new, long overdue standard in acuity based staff planning.