Triton is launched!

Service delivery in a hospital is complex. There are many different disciplines, staff and unique patient needs, with very little predictability in terms of patient throughput, with which to plan resources and people.

Planning of staff, in particular nursing, is a critical cost and quality driver. Get it wrong, it costs too much. Get it wrong, and people die. It is widely acknowledged that patient acuity should be a key driver of planning. This, along with a series of other metrics, such as shifts, ward types, levels of acuity and target cost per patient day, are all factors to consider when doing staff planning for a reality that is constantly changing as patients are admitted or discharged.

Triton covers all the basis. It simplifies the planning process, allowing hospitals to assign the right number and type of staff to shifts, based on the patient mix in the ward; to address the actual need, at the right price-points and level of care.

It also supports the assignment of “free capacity” between departments, ensuring that you optimise the use of internal staff before relying on external agencies to compliment. Furthermore, the assignment of tasks to specific people, allow you to keep track of accountability throughout a shift.

Triton has the capacity to make an immense impact in private and public healthcare, making effective use of scarce resources and helping hospitals manage variable costs. This cloud-based platform can run completely independent of any other solutions you may already have within your environment, or as an integrated whole.

Contact us now to explore how Triton can digitalise and optimise your nursing environment.