Successful SAP ERP and IS-H Project at leading Renal Dialysis client

Converge has recently gone live with our SAP Healthcare solution at one South Africa’s leading renal dialysis providers. The solution modernises operations across more than 60 clinics located through South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana.

The client now has a single, fully integrated platform with which to perform everything from financials to patient management and accounting. This integrated approach is breaking down departmental silos and allowing the organisation to transform the manner in work is performed, improving accountability and quality throughout the whole organisation.

The project has introduced a significant change in how things are done, giving every user a much better perspective on their impact on the overall outcome of a process, and the company as a whole. Management now have a timely and accurate view of the operations across the group, with actionable intelligence supporting operational, tactical and strategic decisions.

Integration to medical aids is achieved through our HL7 compliant middleware layer, that, together with MediKredit’s rich switching capability, is able to do everything from electronic claim submission to eligibility checking at the point of service.