LULA goes live.

Today (2020/08/12), we went live with LULA at a new client and we are super excited about the future.

When a client makes a statement like “this is exactly what we have been looking for!” it affirms that you’re doing the right things to make the world a better place, one client and one opportunity at a time.

During the demo (using the client’s data) prior to the client’s decision to move forward, key representatives from the client’s operational and sales teams were already able to ask better questions that could lead to improved efficiency, higher sales and better product distribution.

Ask better questions? Why is that important? Well, if we ask the right questions, we arrive at the right answers – actionable answers based on relevant insight. People tend to ask questions based on a domain in which they are mostly comfortable. Unfortunately, this also means mostly average results. The ability to look at your organisation through new eyes, opens up a world of new possibilities, and this is exactly what LULA offers manufacturers – a world of insight at your fingertips.