Healthcare is part of our DNA

As a patient, one has a limited experience of the complexity which represents the end-to-end process of care. While we get admitted, treated and discharged, there is a complex supply chain, excessive regulations and many inter-professional consultations behind the scenes, to ensure we may return home and recover in full. Information Technology plays a pivotal role in fully empowering an organisation to simplify these complex interactions, deliver high quality, standardised levels of care with repeatable and reliable results.

Converge Solutions has developed – in conjunction with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab – a templatised healthcare information and empowerment system that simplifies this end-to-end process. However, simplification should not be at the expense of the rich functionality that empower, enable and enrich the ability of the healthcare workers, to deliver patient-centric, high quality care. Our Healthcare solution balances simplicity with sophistication.

We further achieve this, by partnering with a series of best-in-expertise partners. In the coming weeks, we will feature some of these partners as well as some of our key team members that, together, bring healthcare organisations a wealth of intellectual capital and hands-on experience.