Converge’s COVID-19 support platform goes cross-industry

COVID-19 normalises all industries and people. We are all exposed. Whether you’re in healthcare, banking, financial services, medical insurance, manufacturing, services, or other industry, your business depends heavily on your employees.

Business continuity is threatened by the spread of the disease within a workforce and by now we know, it just takes one person to go unchecked, for the virus to spread exponentially. No business can afford this.

Our platform will help you monitor and manage exposure by performing simple, multi-channel (email or sms – with whatsapp following shortly) staff symptom screening.

It takes no more than 30 seconds for a staff member to complete the survey and for you to know the complete COVID-19 posture of your business.

Management has access to evidence-based insights, allowing them to take appropriate action.

Within 8 business hours of signing up, you can commence with the screening of your staff.

Think about it. In a timeframe shorter than it took you to read this message, you could have ensured the continued operations of your business and the safety of your staff.

Simple. Effective. Immediate.

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