Converge launches Impi – Incident Management Platform

Jan, 2019

The Converge management team is very excited at releasing a number of our offerings to the market. This month, the focus is on Impi, our Incident Management Platform that was developed to cover any incident type within an organisation effectively. Our first two use cases is the use of Impi internally, for all Incident, Problem and Change Management and we are also rolling out Impi across several clients in the context of Clinical Incident Management.

Impi offers organisations the flexibility and ease of use that can be expected from an Incident Management Platform. Several organisations today, make use of multiple such systems, each catering for specific use cases, due to a lack of flexibility to address multiple types of incidents, using the same platform.

Impi is, to our knowledge, the only cross-incident platform that is highly configurable and therefore, able to manage incidents ranging from asset management to ICT to human resources to clinical incidents.

Our highly dynamic platform enables a code-free expansion or enhancement capability, so that only incident appropriate information is collected per incident type, without cluttered screens and irrelevant information.