Converge IOT established

Dec, 2018


Converge IOT ( was registered in November 2018. Working in partnership with Informed Decisions ( and Mitas Corporation (, Converge is determined to augment business processes through the use of IOT. This partnership offers 28 years of experience in tracking, monitoring and automation across all industries.

As a theme within the larger Fourth Industrial Revolution, IOT is one of those topics that, if you are not considering how to apply – and CORRECTLY apply – IOT within your organisation, then you are likely not thinking beyond the next 3 years, which is when IOT will be so pervasively adopted by leading organisations in various ways and across industries, that organisations who still do things in a non-IOT manner, will have lagged to the point of extinction. I say this of course, with some exaggeration, but it’s important to emphasise the unimaginable transformation that IOT will make to the world as we know it today and to understand the consequences of not being an early adopter.

Someone recently said that IOT is today, what the concept of The Internet was at its infancy. No one could truly understand the scope of how it will transform our world. Today – rightly or wrongly – Google is arguable one of the most consulted friends, confidants, doctors or experts on any topic and if not directly, then as a conduit to these roles. Imagine how far we’ve come from sharing recipies via FTTP to the submerged internet experience of today and how lost the world would be without it. For one, I might not get to my next destination if I cannot rely on some digital, internet supported navigation tool. Where will IOT take us in ten years? As progressive as we imagine at Converge, even we cannot guess.