Converge / Cerner roadshow

Feb, 2019

Converge and Cerner ( this week, conducted a country-wide roadshow where we offered clients the opportunity to see the newest and greatest that Cerner has to offer the South African industry. The Cerner team were exceptional and the deepened relationship between Converge and Cerner, will continue to benefit clients across the continent for years to come. We are very grateful to the Cerner team for demonstrating their high impact product across a range of clients, and across several provinces.

Converge, last year, successfully achieved Cerner member status. We are very proud of this achievement and what it means for our clients across Africa.


For those who may not know Cerner, here is a short extract:

Cerner not only maps the patient’s entire clinical world, but also leads seamlessly into the administrative and business transactions – securely, directly and efficiently.
Whether clinician or nurse, you will appreciate the outstanding reliability of just as much as its easy operation aligned to your clinical processes – so that you can give as much of your limited time as possible to your patients. If you’re an IT executive, you can take advantage of a high level of adaptability or even strategic custom developments. As a decision maker, you’re opting for a system that is a long-term safe investment – proven internationally, supported locally and driven by two strong partners that stand for constant innovation: Cerner and SAP.