Converge builds a modern SAP Health template in collaboration with the SAP Co-innovation hub

Dec, 2018

Converge Solutions has concluded an agreement with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab. This agreement will allow us to work closely with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab on current and future projects, with direct assistance from the Co-Innovation team through this collaborative program.

It has long been time for new blood in the healthcare industry; for an organisation who brings the learnings and discipline of corporate, but with the flexibility and customer centricity of a start-up. Converge, in collaboration with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, is developing a new-generation SAP and Cerner Healthcare solution that will offer clients the most comprehensive end-to-end, fully integrated healthcare available in South Africa.

Our solution covers the entire spectrum of needs of a hospital or hospital group; we effectively address the needs of the enterprise, the employees, the business partners and the patients.


Converge’s decision to propose SAP as our standard to healthcare organisations, is based on SAP’s ability to provide actionable insight to every person interacting in the healthcare value chain. Whether billing, procurement, nurses or doctors, everyone has access to all the information they need, when they need it.

The highly integrated SAP offering means everyone sees the same version of trusted, reliable truth. The amount of controls that are inherently imbedded in the solution, help users achieve higher quality, in less time, and with better outcomes.

– A patient needs medication? The system will guide you.

– Prescribed medication interacts with other patient medication? The system will warn you.

– A doctor added notes for the nurse’s attention? It’s highly visible.

– A theatre is already booked for a different procedure? The bookings is visible and colour-coded to simplify planning.

– Specific service sets or material sets are required for specific procedures? Plan the entire set at once.

– A patient needs to be moved to a different ward? Drag the patient from one bed to the next, which automatically kicks off the cleaning instructions.

– A patient is discharged? Automatically prompt the digital patient discharge survey.

– Ward medication below the required threshold? SAP automatically initiates a replenishment order.

These are just some practical examples of how SAP brings simplicity into the work environment.

Our offering is designed to optimise the hospital operations and has proven to achieve these outcomes with every implementation.



As the CxO, you can expect the following from your investment:

– Business insight

– Improved financial management

– Optimised operations and improved efficiency

– Higher levels of control and compliance with national, industry and other regulations

– End-to-end process transparency with a single version of the only truth

– A platform through which to manage and measure your professional and personal KPI’s


As Lines of Business Managers, you can expect:

– Enablement of your transformation journey

– Enhanced collaboration with business partners

– Keeping pace with changing requirements

– Scaling the systems that support your business as it continues to grow, locally and across the globe

– Introduction of resilience into your operations


As the CIO, you can expect:

– Management of information in an integrated solution that gives you a single view across the end-to-end business operations

– The systems to support you in moving from a Chief Information Officer to a Chief Innovation Officer

– A technology platform that is scalable and maintainable and trusted by 100% of the Forbes 2000 healthcare clients, and more than half of the South African private healthcare institutions

– A predictable outcome with a predictable investment

– Compliance with the South African POPI Act, and the EU GDPR

– Business continuity underpinned by industry-relevant Service Levels


As Medical practitioners, you can expect:

– Relevant and accurate information at your fingertips

– Technology, processes and procedures that maximise your patient engagement

– Simplified technological enablement

– Reduced personal risk through clinical governance and end-to-end auditability

– Improved support from peripheral / supporting services that are essential to quality care


As a Client, you can expect:

– A partner in healthcare, technology, innovation and transformation

– A partner that has employees with credible experience and reputations for success

– A partner that is deliberate in our pursuit of “Making every healthcare professional, someone’s hero”.

– A partner that is committed to our clients, our employees and our continent