Converge attends the Healthcare Innovation Summit in Gauteng

Oct, 2018

The Healthcare Innovation Summit, held annually at Gallagher Convention Centre, brought some of the key minds in healthcare together to discuss the necessity of innovation across the industry. This was a great place to meet new players in the industry and re-affirm existing relationships through which, Converge is able to offer the healthcare industry an end-to-end experience. It is however, our hope that more action will come not only out of this conference, but all conferences focusing on transformation. Certainly, from Converge, you can expect not only that we imagine a better tomorrow, but that we relentlessly work to achieve this.

This is specifically seen in our on-going focus on the digitalisation of wellness as a general theme, where we are focusing on the incorporation of applications, wearables and other connected devices ( into the care of patients across acute facilities, psychiatric facilities and frail care. We are now entrenched in a reality where home care has become highly feasible and viable and we stand at the advent of a completely digital healthcare delivery model. We are able, all of us together, to enable digitally delivered healthcare through omnichannel at the patient’s convenience. “Tele-everything” is no longer a topic of the future. It is possible now, and if you’re not doing it already, we’re already helping others do this.

Beyond the realm of wellness, we are also delivering new solutions that augment the end-to-end healthcare value. These range from medical transport to digital survey and intervention platforms to paperless admission processes.