Themis. Fraud, Waste and Abuse simplification through the use of AI and ML

Since we launched Themis only a couple of months ago, the appetite and demand for our Fraud, Waste and Abuse platform has been unimaginable.

A number of clients have already implemented Themis with incredible results. Not only have we highlighted Fraud, Waste and Abuse, we have also identified process improvements to help close the gaps and improve overall efficacy within the clients’ environment.

Themis combats fraud, money laundering, syndication, terrorism funding, ponsi schemes, and more, in one, fully integrated system. Packaged with more than 550 preconfigured typologies (rules), Themis delivers rapid results across Banking, Financial Insurance and Medical Insurance.

South Africa, sad as it is, is in desperate need for solutions that can truly eradicate fraud. Our typical clients? Entities in the Banking, Financial and Medical Insurance industries that have a desire to improve internal performance, combat illicit financial flow and distance itself from the generally apathetic view towards fraud. As the saying goes, “if you accept it, your endorse it”.