Converge at the Transport Forum

Feb, 2019

Converge was invited to talk on the role of technology in supply chain integrity at the recent Transport Forum ( event, held in Nelspruit. The discussion, specifically the use of active and passive tracking capabilities to improve quality, visibility and ensure integrity throughout the supply chain, was very well received. The talk was also streamed live through Youtube and can be seen here. (watch from 1 hour and 17 minutes onwards).

We have a unique approach to IOT – and business in general. We dont have products and/or services for which we find problems, instead, we start with the problem statement and work collaboratively with our clients to find the ideal solutions. In some instances, this is products and services we offer, in other cases, that of our partners and in some yet, this is a new solution, which we deliver through a co-innovation model and by using our bespoke development team.

Our passive and active tracking, monitoring and automation solutions are without a doubt, the widest range of such services offered under a single brand, throughout the content. Through range of services, we offer protection against counterfeiting, full product traceability across the entire supply chain, simple integration of labeling technologies into your production line, brand protection through a range of covert and overt labeling solutions, and increased service offerings through our active tracking and monitoring solutions.

We have successfully integrated to more than 300 sensors and now deliver services into Retail, Manufacturing, Wholesale, FMCG, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Food and Beverage and the Mining industry.